Oct 07 2014

Open Mic Night at the Bistro!


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Oct 03 2014

Next Open Mic Night

Volition’s next Open Mic is at 7 pm on Thursday October 16th and will be at the Bistro (a new, bigger location on the bottom floor of the Johnson Center). We’ll have free pizza and drinks as usual!

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Sep 28 2014

Our Deadline is Approaching!

Submit before midnight on November 1st to be considered for our Fall 2014 issue!

Volition Fall 2014 Ad (2)

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Sep 22 2014

Open Mic Night Pictures!

We had some great talent at our Open Mic Night last week, and can’t wait to see everyone again in October!

IMG_0458 IMG_0464 IMG_0486 IMG_0532

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Sep 14 2014

Fall for the Book Swap Starts Tomorrow!

Our Fall for the Book Swap starts tomorrow at 11 am on North Plaza!

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Sep 12 2014

First Open Mic of the Semester!

The first Open Mic Night of the semester is next Thursday! Be sure to stop by to listen and share your work, and enjoy the free pizza and drinks!

Volition Open Mic Night Ad

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Sep 08 2014

Fall for the Book Swap!

This week marks the beginning of this year’s Fall for the Book festival, and next week will be Volition’s book swap on North Plaza! Bring a book and take a book from 11am to 3pm Monday through Thursday (September 15-18)

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Sep 04 2014

Fall 2014 Submission Deadline

Welcome to freshmen and welcome back to upperclassmen! We hope you’ve been writing and creating a lot over the summer and are ready to submit for the Fall issue. If not, no worries. There’s still plenty of time before the November 1st deadline!


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Mar 22 2014

Spring 2014 Open Mic

Thank you to everyone who came out to our open mic night this past Thursday! Though the crowd was small, the talent was extraordinary.

Pictures coming soon.


Don’t forget to submit; our spring deadline is coming up!

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Feb 19 2014

February Open Mic Cancelled

Due to a scheduling conflict, this Thursday’s open mic is cancelled. Make sure to come to the one in March!

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