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Executive Editors

Ayleah Hanton and Karolina Blaziak

Public Relations Officer

Katherine Beutner

Prose and Poetry Editor

Fizza Fatima

Art and Photography Editor

Valerie Mckenna

Design Director

Anya Cooke


Kim Bartenfelder

Madison Hoffman

Ume Tahir

Nadirah Muhhamad

Zaria Talley

Lauren Billy

Macayla Smith

Sabrina Huffman



Officer Bios

Karolina Blaziak

IMG_36751szdfKarolina is currently in her junior year at George Mason, studying English with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. She also is pursuing a minor in History and one in Psychology. Being a part of Volition allows Karolina to do some of her favorite things: read, write, and edit. She hopes to still work with publications in the future, where she can further defend the importance of the Oxford Comma. When not reading or writing, you can expect to find her with a bagel in one hand and coffee in the other as she lies on the couch watching cheesy rom-coms.


Ayleah Hanton

AyleahAyleah is a Junior at Mason majoring in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. Joining Volition was an effortless decision for her due to her love for literature, words, and creative individuals. She has an odd obsession with Dylan O’Brien, Smoothies, and Hamilton: An American Musical. Ayleah strives to be the most optimistic person in the room and likes to remind everyone that they are precious cinnamon rolls too great for this world.



Anya Cooke 

17495983_10158413615625367_1062217991_nAnya is a senior at Mason majoring in Graphic Design. With a penchant for all things art and literature, she knew she had to be a part of Volition. As an International student that grew up in Sri Lanka she often misses the sun and sea at home, but loves spending her time designing, taking pictures, and indulging her obsession with music.




Katherine Beutner

Katherine is majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in English. She loves writing, Headshot_edited-1kdslart, theater, and just about anything creative. In her free time, she attempts the impossible task of getting through the many books on her reading list.






Valerie Mckenna

valerieValerie is a senior at GMU studying Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in photography and a minor in Environmental Science. She is passionate about art and is excited to support student’s art and Volition magazine. Aside from photography, Valerie is fond of traveling, reading, and is regularly drinking iced coffee.

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